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Intergalactic adventure quests transformed by digital building blocks

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LEGO Star Wars is a platforming adventure game that takes place in a LEGO version of the Star Wars universe. This game is ideal for family play. Players cannot die in LEGO Star Wars. Players that run out of health are instantly put back into the game.

Each player can control one of several characters from the Star Wars universe. These include heroes and villains. The list of playable characters includes Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, C-3PO, Chewbacca and Princess Leia. The game recreates scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy. Players traverse the maps, defeat enemies and solve simple puzzles. The game has cut scenes that show scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy in LEGO form.

The player can swap between different characters to solve puzzles. Players can use "the force" to move LEGO blocks and solve puzzles. The game's controls are seamless. Some of the puzzles may be confusing because the game's camera isn't perfect. The camera occasionally has difficulty orienting when the player turns a corner.

Each level in this game is highly interactive. The player can activate switches to cause various things to happen on the map. Some switches and puzzles are optional. The player receives money for completing these optional objectives. LEGO Star Wars is a reasonably long game. It has several levels and a total of 56 playable characters. This game uses an advanced physics modeling system. The LEGO pieces break apart realistically. The player can't manually assemble LEGO pieces, but the force powers can automatically build a variety of different items. The fighting in LEGO Star Wars is basic. Each character has only one attack. Most of the enemies die after receiving a couple hits.

This game has a sleek interface. There is no stage select screen. The player selects a stage and character from a diner area. This area acts as a lobby. It also contains all the secrets that the player has unlocked. It takes several hours to find all the secrets in LEGO Star Wars. Dedicated players may need to consult a guide.

LEGO Star Wars has an authentic soundtrack that recaptures the feel of the films. The soundtrack also manages to capture some of the whimsy of the LEGO franchise. This game's cut scenes don't have any voice work or dialogue. The cut scenes use facial expressions and sound effects to replace the voices. LEGO Star Wars is an amusingly childlike game that captures the feel of the Star Wars universe perfectly. This game is best suited for younger players, but people of all ages can enjoy what LEGO Star Wars has to offer.


  • This game's graphics are great. The toy parts feel like authentic LEGO pieces.
  • LEGO Star Wars has a lot of unlockable items and secrets.


  • Some players may find this game too easy.
  • Some of the game's extra modes are useless.

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